Woodford Northamptonshire

Covid-19 Local Information

Country Parks

As of 27 March all Northamptonshire Country Park Car Parks are now closed and whilst regualr excercise is being promoted you are urged to walk from home and observe "social distancing" as prescribed by the Government. In East Northamptonshire we are fortunate to have a wide network of footpaths and you are encourage to use these for excercise. Public Footpaths around Woodford can be found on our Walking in Woodford or Rights of Way pages.

Self Help Groups

Information from the NCC Emergency Planning Officer (EPO) on behalf of the Local Resilience Forum (LRF).

We are aware that there are many groups and individuals that are volunteering to help neighbours and vulnerable people in their communities during the Coronavirus outbreak. The information below explains how you can help and register your group, or as an individual to support this coordinated effort through this Resilience Cell. Any group / individual will be asked to register, the LRF will then know you are available to provide help, the second part will be for those that need help to register.

The cell with also provide help and guidance to the volunteers, and be able to call upon the appropriate agencies where needed.  NHW members can register through another group, (if their scheme is not registered with the LRF cell) i.e. local Parish/Community Council or another existing group.   

A website with on line form to sign up to volunteer set up https://www.northamptonshire.gov.uk/coronavirus-updates/Pages/volunteer-to-help-those-in-need-coronavirus.aspx as well as a volunteer registration line 0300 126 1000 (option 5)

It is important that you register so that local people you can potentially help are aware you are legitimate, an not a scam.


We are also aware of many potential scams both online and door to door, remember if you do not know the caller do not open the door, do not give personal/bank information to any caller. You can contact the police in one of the following ways Telephone: 999 in an emergency, for non-urgent matters you can call 101. To avoid waiting on the telephone, we recommend making use of the online system, it's quick and easy, and has lots of useful advice which may answer your query, you can report online in the following ways:

Crimes and Incidents: www.northants.police.uk - click the report button . Give Information: www.northants.police.uk/contact/cubp/northants/tell-us-about-something-youve-seen-or-heard/

If you want to find your local NHW scheme, go to https://www.ourwatch.org.uk/get-involved/find-my-local-neighbourhood-watch/find-my-local-scheme

If there is no scheme near you and you would like to find out more reply to this Alert below

Stay Safe