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Council Tax

Council Tax - background

Council Tax is a tax levied on householders across the whole country and is used to generate funds for Local Government and Police and Fire Services. The amounts collected are augmented by direct grants from Central Governerment.

Introduced in 1993 replacing the unpopular Community Charge, each property is placed into one of eight bands, based upon the hypothetical 1993 value. Obviously in London there will be more properties in the higher bands than in some other parts of the country where the property valuatons were lower. The property band determines the proportion of the overall Council Tax requirement each property will pay. A Band A property will pay 2/3 that of a Band D and a Band H pays twice as much as a Band D (or 3 times as much as a Band A). The amount propperties in a Band are charged cannot be compared "across borders"; e.g. a Band G property in Woodford cannot be compared to Band G property Great Addington or Kettering as the amounts required by each Council will vary as do the services they provide.

Consequently the scheme should be seen as a method of calculating the proportion of the sum needed within each Council's area depending upon the value of each property.

Reduced bills

Properties occupied by a single person are eligible for a 25% discount, and those on low incomes can apply for a financial reduction through the Council Tax Support Scheme which is a means tested calculation.

Council Tax in Woodford

The annual bill sent out by East Northamptonshire Council (the billing authority), is a combine bill covering the precepts required by the County Council, District Council, Parish Council and the Police.

In 2017 - 2018 a band D property in Woodford was charged

Northamptonshire County Council £1166.59
East Northamptonshire County Council £133.65
Woodford Parish Council £33.47
Police £209.04
Total £1542.75

Woodford Parish Council element only for each Band

Council Tax Band 2016/17 2017/18 2018/19
Band A £21.18 £22.31  
Band B £24.71 £26.03  
Band C £28.24 £29.75  
Band D £31.77 £33.47  
Band E £38.83 £40.91  
Band F £45.89 £48.34  
Band G £52.95 £55.78  
Band H £63.54 £66.94  
Overall Amount Precepted £15,600 £16,500  


The figures below demonstrate the variations in Council Tax paid in local communities for Band D properties. All Band D properties in Northamptonshire paid £1,166.59 to the County Council and £209.04 to the Police. Further sums were also pad to the District Councils and Parish Councils. In East Northants, all Band D properties were charged £133.65 on top of which the following amounts were paid to Town or Parish Councils.(2017-2018)

All Band D Parish Sum Balance of Bill Total
Woodford £33.47 £1,509.28 £1,542.75
Great Addington £63.81 £1,509.28 £1,573.09
Little Addington £77.46 £1,509.28 £1,586.74
Ringstead £89.43 £1,509.28 £1,598.71
Thrapston £120.00 £1,509.28 £1,629.28
Twywell £44.44 £1,509.28 £1,553.72
Cranford (nb Kettering Borough) £42.57 £1,581.02 £1,623.59

A complete comparison of all Parishes in East Northamptonshire can be found on the ENC website

Further Information

Further information regarding Council Tax, Discounts, Support, Empty Homes, Moving House, Difficulty Paying, Recovery Methods, Court System, Bailiffs / Recovery Agents and Your Council Tax Band can be found on the East Northamptonshire Website


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