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Water services are presently provided by Anglian Water, however piped water was originally provided by the Rural District Council of Thrapston (the Sanitary Authority) Charges for the water supply were based upon the size of the house and that there was no more than one bath and one WC. Additional fixtures were charged as extras but there was no surcharge if a business was run from the property. The regulations and scale of charges were set on 6th October 1932 suggesting that the first installations followed soon after. Prior to the instalaltion of piped water there were a number of wells around the village from which water was drawn and a rudimentary supply was provided by the Parish Council. From the end of the 19th century until the 1920s various schemes were devised and discounted by the Council. One scheme which did reach fruition was In 1912 when a wind pump was installed on a well just west of the orginal recreation ground which pumped water  to a small reservoir near the location of the present water tower. This was supplemented by an engine in times of low wind speed. The capped well head is still visible in the school grounds

Some of the larger properties in the village had hand operated pumps which lifted water from the well to tanks in the roof, internal plumbing then piped the water to various locations within the property. The water tower was constructed in 1934 and continues to be used to this day


Natural Gas was piped into the village in the mid 1960's with some of the first houses to benefit being The Moorings and Alledge Drive.


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Originally many houses would have benefited from the services of the night-soil collector. He was employed by the PArish Council and old minute books reveal there were often complaints received from the public about the quality of the buckets, used, the times that the collection took place and also where it was dumped. in the 1930's a proper sewage system was introduced ot the village and the issue ceased to be a Parish COuncil matter. The first treatment works being built in Church Street between the Moorings and the church. This location proved insufficient and a new treatment plant was built at the bottom north east corner of the warren field towards the river. This was replaced by a series of pumping stations around the village in 1983/4 which now pump the effluent to the treatment works at Islip.


Telephone services in Woodford were originally operated through the exchange at Thrapston, but on the abolition of local dialling codes and the introduction of six digit telephone numbers the national code for Woodford numbers became 01832 -  part Oundle exchange. Since 2014 high speed internet has also been available.

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