Woodford Northamptonshire

Thrapston Road Development

1 July 2021

A Planning Application has been ledged with North Northamptonshire Council. for two static caravans and four touring caravans for two families. The Planning Application is 21/00960/FUL and can be viewed here (application form) or at www.east-northamptonshire.gov.uk/viewplanningapplications. All comments and representations should be made to North Northants Council using the link on the abovementioned page or by email to planning@east-northamptonshire.gov.uk. There is also guidance about the type of comments which can be made

16 June 2021

A Generic acknowledgement for public circulation has been received giving details of the current status.

If you are contacting NNC Planning Department regarding this matter, please quote 21/00146/PPU.

15  June 2021

NNC issued an Enforcement Notice requiring occupation of land to cease.

14 June 2021

NNC have advised that Stop Notice to cease all development have now been served. This is the first step  to stop any unlawful development. They have also advised that all emails received will be read and answered although this may take time as enforcement processes must take priority.

13 June 2021

Tree felling, creation of a new highway access and laying of hardcore was reported to the Parish Council on 11 June at 11am. After verifying the claims, the Police were contacted with regard to tree felling (under Wildlife & Countryside Act 1982 as amended), and the North Northamptonshire Council (NNC) Planning Enforcement Team at Thrapston with regard to the planning matters. Both the Police and NNC representatives (Planning and Highways) visited the site during the afternoon. The Police have since advised there was no case to answer. NNC Officials instructed those on site to stop work with immediate effect until further notice.

Contrary to this instruction, work recommenced on Friday evening and continued into the weekend. During the weekend the Parish Council identified and contacted a number of elected local NNC councillors with responsibility for Planning and appraised them of the situation. It was not been possible to contact the legally empowered Planning Officers who only work office hours although a number of messages were left for their attention when the offices re-opened.

An Emergency Out of Hours Planning Service does not exist at present.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Legal Powers does the Parish Council have in this instance?

None. The land is privately owned and the work is being carried out with the consent of the owner. All powers to act lie with North Northamptonshire Council

So what can the Parish Council do?

The Parish Council can act as an information conduit between local residents and NNC. Any factual informatono received by the Parish Council will be forwarded to NNC

The Council will continue to exert pressure on those with the ability to enforce the existing planning, environmental and highways laws.

The Parish Council does not have right of access to private land such as this and no authority to stop activities on the site, just as there is no right, for example, for a member of the Parish Council to access a householder's property to stop unauthorised building work.

What can residents do?

Concerned residents can email the NNC Local Councillor (dorothy.maxwell@northnorthants.gov.uk ) or contact NNC Planning Department (Enforcement).

What can NNC do?

NNC has total responsibility for Planning, Children's Services, Social Services, Environmental Health, and Safety, and Highways safety with all legal powers to act against any such unlawful actions.

What can the Police do?

On Saturday 12 June the Police reported that no criminal act appears to have taken place so this is not a Police matter. However, on Wednesday 16th June this was advised to be subject to a review.

If this was public land or land owned by a third party then different circumstances woud apply.