Woodford Northamptonshire

Woodford Parish Councillors

Current Elected Parish Councillors (from May 2021)

Former councillors who served during the above term

Trustees Nominated by Parish Council

Woodford General Charity - 4 year term*

Woodford General Charity (Temperance Hall) - 4 year term*

* Trustees are nominated by the Parish Council but do not need to be Parish Councillors

Declarations of Interest

All Parish Councillors are required to complete a Declaration of Interest Form which is lodged with the Monitoring Officer of North Northamptonshire Council.

Code of Conduct

All Parish Councillors, when accepting the position of Councillor agree to adhere to the Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct adopted by Woodford Parish Council is similar to that used by most Parish Councils in East Northamptonshire.

Past Chairmen of Woodford Parish Council

Woodford Parish Council was first formed in 1895.

The position of Chairman of Council is a one year term. At the annual meeting of the Council in May each year the Chairman stands down (along with the vice chairman) nominations are then sought from Councillors present for both positions.

(pre 1971 under compilation)

From Councillors Name
May 1971 Mr E E Hackney
June 1973 Mr P J Bird
May 1974 Mr J Horrell
May 1976 Mr E E Hackney
May 1977 &  May 1978 No records
May 1979 Mr E E Hackney
May 1983 Mr P J Bird
May 1987 Mr E E Hackney
May 1988 Mr P J Bird JP
May 1996 Mr J Hawes
May 1999 to date Mr P J Bird JP