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Saints Alive

The Saints Alive magazine issued by the Benefice includes more village news and can be viewed on the Benefice website.

Woodford Remembers

Over the past four years a number of obituaries have been published on this site commemorating the fallen of the first world war from Woodford. Not all are listed on the memorials, some were born in Woodford but lived elsewhere, others moved to the village as children or young men. It is estimated that over 200 men from the village were either in the forces as regulars or joined the king’s army after 1914. Even at the time the armistice was signed one further family would be bereaved. More...

October Parish Council

It was reported at the October Parish Council Meeting that two seat bases had been installed near the War Memorial in preparation for two Memorial benches, which will be installed shortly. The benches have been jointly purchased by the Parish Council and the Jubilee Committee, and grateful thanks are expressed to NR Groundworks who installed the concrete free of charge.

Following complaints received from residents enquiries continue to be made regarding the actions which can be taken against the owners of cars which park on the grassed areas of the village green without permission.

Discussions included the addition of more bollards on High Street between Constable Walk and Sunnyside to safeguard pedestrians from vehicles which mount the path, sometimes at speed. Unfortunately due to the underground services beneath the pavement and the requirement that new bollards are installed at least 500mm (18 inches) back from the kerb this is unlikely to be progressed. Additionally, the cost would fall to the Parish Council, due to lack of funds at County level.

The Parish Council agreed to adopt and be responsible for the grit bin on the footpath between Alledge Drive and Thrapston Road. This bin was originally earmarked for removal by the County Council.

Councillors heard that the accounts for year ending March 2018 have been approved by the auditors, without qualification.

Flytipping 1 October 2018

A large quantity of builders debris was dumped on Old Kettering Road between 7.00 and 11.00am on 1 October. If you know of anyone who has recently had a major garden renovations then you may be able to help with identifying the flytippers. Please let East Northants Council know.

September Parish Council Meeting

At the September Parish Council meeting Councillors learned the final gate on the footpath between Woodford and Woodford Mill had now been installed, and the path regraded to make the sloping path a little easier to navigate. The actual gradient was limited by underground services. The whole cost of this project was met by grants. Improved signage is also to be installed reminding those using the path that it is a footpath, and not a cyclepath.

Letters of complaint had been received regarding the numbers of vehicles which now park on the village green especially at weekends. It was agreed that further attempts to solve the problem ranging from more signs to bylaws and wheel clamping would be explored. The village greens are not public land as such, being privately owned and rented by the Parish Council. The use of the Greens is permitted at the discretion of the Council.

Rumours of new Dog Kenneling in Addington Road were mentioned, but not discussed as there are no firm proposals at the present time. Councillors asked the Clerk to thank the resident who had tidied a piece of land in Pound Lane, and also to write to residents at two addresses where boundary hedges were considerably overgrown hampering the use of footpaths.


August Parish Council Meeting

Amongst matters discussed at the August meeting was whether the salt bin in the footpath between Thrapston Road and Alledge Drive proposed for removal by the County Council should be retained by the Parish Council. All Councillors supported the retention.

The lack of a dog waste bin in Newtown was raised by a member of the public. The chairman explained the reason there is no bin in this location is that the allotments are private land, as is Pleasant Row and Constable Walk. The road is far too narrow to accommodate a bin. The bin should also be adjacent to a highway for emptying the bin. The nearest bins are at the end of Rose Terrace and The Leys, both within 200 metres of the Newtown Allotments.

There were no objections to a rear extension proposed for 28 Mill Road

Improved signage was discussed and agreed in principle for the improved footpath to the Greenway past Glebe Farm. As a public footpath it is frequently used illegally by cyclists who not only put pedestrians at risk also put themselves at risk due to the frequent movement of farm vehicles.

Provision of memorial seating adjacent to the War Memorial to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the first world war was also discussed and approved.

July Parish Council Meeting

At the July Parish Council meeting correspondence from the police revealed the Woodford ward (including Great and Little Addington) had the third lowest crime rate of all the electoral wards within the East Northants District. Additionally the council was informed that the local team at Thrapston were involved in “Operation Viper” which is aimed at targeting organised crime throughout Northamptonshire. The scope of the operation is wide and it is believed that by reducing organised crime e.g. drug related issues will also reduce other crimes such as shed break-ins etc.

A complaint was received about anti social ball games occurring on the open space in Paddock Road was discussed. The police have been advised of the incidents. If you have children who play in this area please ask them to respect neighbouring properties / vehicles close by.

The poor Fair was also discussed and enquiries are taking place to find out why only half of the anticipated attractions arrived this year.

The Police / Environment Agency have expressed concerns that with the school holidays and warm weather the River Nene will once again become an attraction for swimmers, and have asked that if you see anyone one swimming or playing in the water near the locks that he incident is reported to 101 or the Environment Agency phone number which is displayed at each lock. The water is still relatively cold at 15C and jumping in on a hot day could cause temporary seizures, irrespective of the hidden dangers beneath the surface of the water.

The Council will be writing to Centrebus and the County Council regarding the revised bus time table. The route has not been subsidised for some time but the recent changes, the council believes, will make the service even less viable in the future.

A request for reconsideration of the proposed removal of two grit bins and the downgrading of Mill Road, to be gritted in time of prolonged bad weather will also be queried with NCC. The route from Irthlingborough, via The Addingtons and Woodford to Thrapston will continue to be gritted.

Lastly, speeding in the village continues to be a problem. The Speed Identification Device is being actively used to remind drivers to slow down, but many choose to ignore the warnings. Traffic calming had been planned by the County Council for Mill Road, and Thrapston Road a couple of years ago, but due to budget constraints these are now on hold.

Northamptonshire Local Government Reform

The abolition of Northamptonshire County Council in 2020 has been well documented. Consultation of residents will take place shortly, and the latest information and links to forthcoming consultations can be found on the East Northamptonshire Website. In addition to the official consultation there may well be surveys in the local media too, however the Parish Council has been advised that only responses to the official "Local Government Reform Northamptonshire consultation" being run by all eight Northamptonshire councils will result in your comments being considered..

Crime and Anti Social Behaviour

Earlier this month there were a number of break-ins to commercial premises in Thrapston Road and a burglary in Mill Road resulting in keys, and ultimately a car being stolen. On 19th June an act of anti social behaviour occurred with a motorcycle being driven at high speed around the church yard, causing damage to a wall whilst trying to exit. If you have any informaiton regarding any of these incidents please let the Police know by dialling 101 or visiting the Police when they hold a drop in session on the village greeen on Wednesday 4th July between 2.15pm and 2.45pm

Woodford Feast Fair from 7th July

Woodford Feast this year start with the Church Fete on the village green on Saturday 7th July at 2pm. The Flower Festival will also commences at the same time in St Mary's Church. The Church will be open daily with a variety of events including a lunch and musical concert - see diary above  for more details. The Fair will be on the village green from Sunday8th and will open each evening from Wednesday 11th to Saturday 14th. On Sunday 8th July at 7pm Thrapston Town Band will be playing for an hour outside the Woodford Sports and Community Complex.

Northamptonshire Local Government Reform

The abolition of Northamptonshire County Council in 2020 has been well documented. Consultation of residents will take place shortly, and the latest information and links to forthcoming consultations can be found on the East Northamptonshire Website. In addition to the official consultation there may well be surveys in the local media too, however the Parish Council has been advised that only responses to the official "Local Government Reform Northamptonshire consultation" being run by all eight Northamptonshire councils will result in your comments being considered..

June Parish Council Meeting

At the June meeting of the Parish Council, Councillors were briefed on what is so far known about the local Government reorganization within Northamptonshire. Consultation is now open for all members of the public and further links can be found on the Woodford Parish Council website to the consultation pages and also to further information held on the East Northamptonshire website. Information is also available in local libraries. District Council elections which were due to be held next May are now likely to be postponed for one year when elections will take place for the new Council covering this area, however town and parish council elections will take place next May as expected.

Discussions took place regarding how the end of hostilities in 1918 might be commemorated, and this will be discussed again at the next meeting.

The new Data Protection laws were also discussed and policies relating to this matter were signed off, for publication on the Council’s website. This law became effective on 25th May yet the Government were still making changes to the legislation affecting Parish Councils right up to the deadline.

Councllors agreed to upgrade one of the few remaining mercury lamps in the village with a new LED lamp. The location is in Newtown at the junction of Newtown and Newtown Street. The new lamp will use less electricity, but give much better light.

The Council has received revised dates for the Motocross events held in Thrapston Road. Three further events are planned this year on 8th July, 16th September and 4th November

The Police will be holding a drop in session on the village green on Wednesday 4th July between 2.15pm and 2.45pm. If you have any concerns regarding crime or policing please go along and speak to them. They will be delighted to meet you.

Lastly, as part of the “Woodford Feast” celebrations Thrapston Town Band will be playing outside the Woodford Community and Sports Complex, between 7.00pm and 8.00pm on Sunday 8th July. Why not go along and listen (No Charge!) to the band which recently celebrated its 160th anniversary, and see and hear some of “Woodford’s finest bandsman” in action.

May Parish Council Meeting

The May Parish Council meeting was preceded by the Annual Parish Meeting. Annual Reports were made by the Parish Council, two village charities and also our East Northants District Councillor, Dudley Hughes, who also spoke of his year as Chairman of the County Council. At the following Parish Council meeting Mr Peter Bird was re-elected as chairman and Mr Ivor Vaughan as Vice Chair. Accounts for the previous financial year were agreed and adopted, for submission to the Auditor. A new framework is now in place for council audits and if the council’s expenditure had been in line with previous years then an exemption would have been applicable but due to the level of grants received for the footpath improvements the council’s turnover exceeded the minimum threshold so further costs would be incurred as a result. Unusually, there were no planning matters to discuss at the this meeting.

The speed device is currently located in Thrapston Road. Be aware that just because the display is not always live, it doesn’t mean data is not being collected.

April Parish Council Meeting

Amongst items discussed was the litter and flytipping in the layby opposite Woodwell, and the noise from the recent Motorcross Event. With regard to the latter, this is a matter for East Northamptonshire Council Environmental Protection team, who may be able to monitor the volume of noise emitted from the events. A question was received asking why the newly laid footpath link to the Greenway had “No Cycling” signs installed. The Council responded that this route is legally defined as a Public Footpath, rather than a Bridleway. Cycles are only permitted to be ridden on Bridleways; on Public Footpaths they can be pushed but not ridden.

The Annual Litter Pick had been well supported in March with a dozen adults and six Beaver cubs participating.

The May meeting will be preceded by the Annual Parish Meeting which is an opportunity for residents to listen to reports from various village organisations and discuss any matters of concern.

January Parish Council Meeting

Woodford Parish Council agreed to increase the Council Tax by £500, which for a Band D property equates to an increase of approximately 90pence per year. The main reason behind this being that the Council is now responsible for the street lighting in Paddock Road and Windmill Close. A grant has also been obtained to improve the final kissing gate on the footpath between Woodford and Woodford Mill. This work, together with improvements to part of the path will be carried out once the weather improves. The Council also agreed to assist the Neighbourhood Police with parking issues by identifying and reporting cars parking on double yellow lines, or those causing an obstruction as outlined in the Highway Code (rules 238 – 252). This will hopefully make Woodford a safer place for both drivers and pedestrians.

A member of the public raised the issue of a previous request to support improved parking at the west end of Mill Road. The Council responded that when previously raised with the County Council it was considered low priority and there was also a lack of funding, however, it was agreed to raise the matter once again.

Lastly the annual litter pick will take place on Saturday 24th March between 10am and noon. Look out for posters giving more information.

November Parish Council Meeting

The November Woodford Parish Council meeting had a visit from the local Police to discuss a partnership scheme where cars parked illegally or dangerously will be reported to the Police. A card will be left on the windscreen of cars reported and the Police will monitor the reports and take appropriate action with regular offenders. Please remember not to park on corners, double yellow lines or pavements.

The chairman reported on official “reopening” of footpath between Church Street Woodford and the Greenway (the former London North Western Railway Line) near Woodford Mill Tea rooms took place. The honour of cutting the ribbon fell to Councillor Colin wright, Chairman of East Northamptonshire Council. The plan to create an all weather footpath to the Greenway came from the 2014 Village Plan and much of the funding was secured through the Community Facility Fund operated by ENC. This Fund is generated from windfalls from new developments. The scheme involved installing kissing gates capable of accommodating prams or wheel chairs to replace stiles and an all weather footpath along much of the length. The completion of the project which was a joint collaboration between Woodford Parish Council and Glebe Farm, was hailed as a great success by Cllr Wright and was an excellent example of public bodies and private landowners working together.

If you plan to use the route to gain access to the Greenway or even access Woodford from the Greenway please remember legally this right of way is designated as a public footpath, (so cyclists should walk) and most importantly that Glebe Farm part way along the route is a working farm and heavy machinery may well be moving in the vicinity, so pets and young children must be supervised.

Woodford Parish Council is one of the few local councils in Northamptonshire that own the village street lamps. If you become aware that a lamp is faulty please inform the Parish Clerk on 734329 with details of the lamp in question

October Parish Council Meeting

At the October Meeting Parish Councillors were delighted to learn that the footpath improvements between Woodford and the Greenway (former railwayline) were now complete. The work had been carried out within budget and on time in conjunction with the owners of Glebe Farm and Gladstone Construction. Thanks were expressed to both parties for their co-operative and collaborative actions in enabling the work to be carried out so efficiently. The public footpath can be accessed from Church Street (via about 200 metres of meadow land) or Addington Road, providing off road access to Stanwick Lakes or even further afield to Rushden Lakes, or in the opposite direction, Thrapston.

Extreme concern was expressed at the number of vehicles which enter the village at over thirty miles per hour. Latest figures revealed that between 23 September and 4 October 5111 vehicles (69%) exceeded the 30mph limit, of which 1225 exceeded 40mph. Of those exceeding 40mph, 106 were recorded at over 50mph including one vehicle at 72mph. The data had been forwarded to the Police and the Safer Roads Team at NCC.

Planning Applications for extensions at 5 West Street and 19 Club Lane were discussed but no objections were raised. An application for a pig rearing unit just outside the parish boundary was also discussed at length. Based upon the evidence available the Council concluded that, whilst not being enthusiastic about the application, there were no “planning grounds” upon which an objection could be made.

Lastly, the Parish Council agreed to pursue a scheme jointly with the Police which will draw attention to vehicles parked dangerously or illegally in Woodford. The scheme currently runs in some other villages in East Northants, and the Police will be invited to discuss the detail at a future meeting.

September Parish Council Meeting

The September Parish Council meeting was brief. Councillors heard that work had now started on improving the surface of the Right of Way to the Greenway from Glebe Farm, and this work should be completed by early / mid October weather permitting. The improved surface and larger kissing gates will make the route much more user friendly.

Details of Planning application decisions made by East Northants Council included permissions for a garage at the entrance to Rose Paddock and a two storey extension at 43 Highfield. An renewal application for a property in Club Lane had also been given permission by ENC but this time the requirement to provide a footpath from the site to the top of the lane, to the dismay of Parish Councillors was not now a requirement. A new application was considered by the Parish Council for new gates at 8A Church Street and there were no objections.

Dog walkers are reminded that whilst (at present) they are permitted to walk their dogs on the playing fields / football pitches, they must clear up after their pets. It is known that some pet owners do not; and as one can imagine it is no fun for a footballer doing a sliding tackle, and ending up covered in dog faeces! The dog warden has been informed. If you are caught you can be given an on the spot fine, and if the situation escalates to involve court action this can be as much as £1000. Ultimately, and whilst this is not a decision the Parish Council would take lightly, if the situation does not improve it may be necessary to seek an order banning all dog walking on the playing fields, so please clean up after your pets.

The Council also discussed the number of vehicles which park partially on pavements in the village, even on the widest of roads, e.g. Rose Terrace, High Street, Mill Road. Not only do drivers risk damaging the pavements and their tyres, but by parking and causing an obstruction to footway users affine of £70 can be issued. Traffic wardens do occasionally visit the village. Please take notice of the warning.

August Parish Council Meeting

At the August meeting of the Woodford Parish Council planning applications were discussed for an extension at 43 Highfield and a garage in Rose Paddock. No Objections were raised. The removal of a condition requiring a footpath to be built between the building plot in Club Lane and the top of Club Lane was discussed, but objections were raised to the removal of this requirement.

Parking within the village was once again discussed, the specific issues being cars parked close to junctions and on double yellow lines. Additional visit from a Parking Enforcement Officers have been requested, as parking habits in some part of the village now mean that Emergency Service Vehicles would not be able to gain access.

The Council agreed a donation towards the production cost of Saints Alive and the ongoing maintenance of the Churchyard and also discussed the proposed works at the Community and Sports Club agreeing to write a letter in support of the proposed works.

Complaints were received regarding the volume of music at two different locations within the village. Woodford Parish Council has no powers to deal with noise nuisance and councillors agreed that such complaints must be referred to either the organisers, or to East Northants Council  Environmental Health Dept.


July Parish Council Meeting

At July Parish Council meeting Councillors hear that part of the funding for the improved footpath to the old railway line (Greenway) had fallen through. Other sources were now being investigated. Correspondence from ENC was also discussed regarding the extension of the hard surface, from Woodford Lock to the Woolpack at Islip. A scheme that the Parish Council wholeheartedly supported.

Stray HGV vehicles from the Primark site were also discussed. Following the June Council meeting representation had been made and the company in conjunction with the County Council were making positive attempts to resolve the issue including new maps and directions to supply companies and better signage.

The village signs at the entrance to the village were discussed and steps are being taken to have new signs fitted. Parking around the village was discussed again, and a plea is made for residents to park legally and properly in order to avoid causing obstructions to other road users and pedestrians.

Comment was also made regarding a number of posters around the village littering electric poles etc. If you do publiscise your events using posters in such a way could every effort be made to remove them once the event is over please

April Parish Council Meeting

At the April Parish Council Meeting Councillors heard that there had been a number of burglaries affecting houses and outbuildings in Woodford. Representations will be made at the next Police Joint Action Group meeting for a more frequent Police presence especially after dark. Bob Tattersdale (representing the users of the Motocross track) spoke to Councillors with regard to recent trespass and vandalism which had taken place on the site by unauthorized persons. A considerable amount of damage was caused and one race meeting has been cancelled. Anyone noticing bikes on the track when the main gate to Thrapston Road is closed are encouraged to telephone the Police and advise them that unauthorised use is taking place. There will be four race meetings this year, on the weekends of 9th July; (Classic bikes, pre 1965 models), 16th July; (may be rearranged), 10th September and 8th October.

Thanks were expressed to those who had taken part in the annual litter pick earlier in April. The participants concentrated on some of the outlying areas of the village and picked up eighteen bags of litter from the ditches, dykes and hedgerows.

Shrubs are still being removed without permission of the landowner along the riverbank and anyone who can shed any light on this illegal practice is encouraged to contact the clerk or Drayton Estate on 732405.

The Speed Device in Mill Road continues to record interesting facts. The top speed recorded has been 68 mph with 54% of vehicles passing the sign exceeding the speed limit.

Congratulations were voiced to Greg Boast of Greg’s Chip Shop on achieving 25 years service to the village.

Lastly, following the resignation of Jack Mead at the March Parish Council meeting, and the posting of official notices an Election had not been requested, as a result the Parish Council would be free to co-opt a new Councillor. Any elector interested in being considered should either write to, or email the Clerk with a short paragraph explaining why they would like to be considered for co-option. The deadline in order to be considered will be 5.00pm on Thursday 11th May. Further information can be found at www.woodfordpc.co.uk, or by phoning the Clerk.

The May Council meeting (16th May) will be preceded by the Annual Parish Meeting at 7.00pm when reports from the annual village charities, Parish Council and District Councillors will be given. Any elector is welcome to attend. As usual agenda will be published for both meetings on www.woodfordpc.co.uk and the Parish Council Noticeboard near the school drive.

Riverbank Tree Undergrowth Clearance

Trees and undergrowth are being cleared and burnt along the river bank upstream from the Woodford Lock (between the lock and Woodford) along side the bridleway and riverbank. These trees and shrubs were planted in the early 1990s in conjunction with the Countryside Commission, Northamptonshire County Council, Woodford Parish Council with permission from Drayton Estate to encourage riverbank wildlife. A number of these trees are understood to have been cleared as recently as 10 March, without the permission of the landowner. If anyone is aware of who is carrying out this work please either contact Drayton Estate Office on 01832 732405 or contact clerk @woodfordpc.co.uk and the information will be passed on.

Greg's Fish and Chips

Congratulations to "Greg's" on achieving twenty five years of business in Woodford. This makes "Greg's" the oldest current business (under the same ownership) in the Woodford.

Responsible Dog Owners required

With the longer warmer days now upon us, dog walkers are now excercising their pets more. Please remember to clean up after your pet. It is an offence not to do so, and if you are observed by the Dog Warden you could receive a fixed penalty fine of £75.. Please clean up any mess your dog leaves behind and either take it home with you or deposit in one of the ten dog bins that can be found around village. If you are out in the fields then alternatively you could use the "stick and flick" method of disposal especially if near a hedgerow. Please don't bag, and then leave it hanging on a tree.

If you are aware of dog owners who frequently flout the law then why not take a photo and send it to the Dog Warden at customerservices@east-northamptonshire.gov.uk..

For more information about dogs and the law, please see East Northants Council Website


Motocross events in Thrapston Road are planned to take place on the weekends of 9th July; (Classic bikes, pre 1965 models), 16th July; (may be rearranged), 10th September and 8th October.

The motocross track has been vandalised in recent months through misuse by unauthorised persons. If you have any information as to who could have caused the damage, please let the Police know, or contact the Clerk to Woodford Parish Council and the information will be passed on to the leaseholders and Police

March Parish Council

The meeting opened with the chairman reading a letter of resignation from Parish Councillor Jack Mead. The Clerk advised that a Casual Vacancy had been declared, and if an election was not called then the Council would be free to co-opt at the May meeting. Thanks were expressed for Mr Mead's service to the Council. Notification regarding funding from the National Lottery for Rights of Way improvements was still awaited. A request for the Council's support, to close the lay-by at the top of Woodwell was discussed, but did not receive support. A number of Planning Applications were discussed. There was no objection to the construction of a conservatory in Paddock Road, not the planning application for the uPVC windows at the Dukes Arms, so long as the opening of the ground floor windows was restricted. The Council did agree to object to an applicaiton for a new house to the rear of 7 High Street. The proposal appeared to remove the existing off road parking and not create any further provision, and the second floor windows would overlook many neighbouring properties.

February Parish Council

At the February meeting Councillors learned that the planning permission for the plot at the junction of Rectory Lane and Addington Road had been rejected by East Northants Council. The provision of a dog waste bin near the Church was discussed but a decision was not reached.

Councillors discussed at length the proposed new East Northants local plan document to cover the period until 2031. Concerns raised at this stage included provisions of healthcare, and increased rural traffic. Additionally there was general agreement that any large scale developments in Woodford would be resisted, considering the considerable number of potential plots already in place and proposed for other parts of the district. Once ENC had compiled a draft plan and released it for consultation the Council would again consider the contents and respond accordingly. This was likely to occur in late summer or early autumn.

A reminder that a litterpick will be held on 1 April between 10 and 12 noon. For further details

January Parish Council

At the January meeting of Woodford Parish Council councilors discussed the availability of training in CPR in conjunction with the availability of the village defibrillator. The defibrillator is located in the high Street near the village green. The defibrillator has been registered with the NHS and if a householder calls 999 in the event of discovering a heart attack victim they will be told whether or not they should fetch the equipment and how to use it. If you see anyone tampering with the equipment then please call the Clerk on 734329 or the police on 101 to report the incident. Please remember this potentially life saving equipment is available for use in Woodford but only after you’ve called 999.

The meeting also heard that the first application for funding to improve access to the Greenway (old Railway line) had now been made.

A litter pick is planned for April 1st once again this year so look out for poster if you would like to take part. As in previous years, it will concentrate upon areas off the beaten track which are outside the remit of our village litterpickers.

Lastly, concerns will be raised with the police over the speed traffic enters Woodford along Mill Road. The speed recording device has recorded (anonymously) a large number of vehicles travelling well above 30 mph (as high as 67mph) despite the recording point being over 250 metres inside the 30 mph zone.

Protect Yourself Against Identity Theft and Fraud

Criminals commit identity theft by stealing your personal information. This is often done by taking documents from your rubbish or by making contact with you and pretending to be from a legitimate organisation.

Protect yourself against identity fraud

• Don’t throw out anything with your name, address or financial details without shredding it first.
• If you receive an unsolicited email or phone call from what appears to be your bank or building society asking for your security details, never reveal your full password, login details or account numbers. Be aware that a bank will never ask for your PIN or for a whole security number or password.
• If you are concerned about the source of a call, wait five minutes and call your bank from a different telephone making sure there is a dialling tone.
• Check your statements carefully and report anything suspicious to the bank or financial service provider
• Don’t leave things like bills lying around for others to look at.
• If you’re expecting a bank or credit card statement and it doesn’t arrive, tell your bank or credit card company.
• If you move house, ask Royal Mail to redirect your post for at least a year.
• These credit reference agencies offer a credit report checking service to alert you to any key changes on your credit file that could indicate potential fraudulent activity: • Callcredit • Equifax • Experian • ClearScore • Noddle
Victim Advice

What should you do if you’ve been a victim of identity fraud?

• Act quickly – you mustn’t ignore the problem. Even though you didn’t order those goods or open that bank account, the bad debts will end up under your name and address.
• If you believe you’re a victim of identity fraud involving plastic cards (e.g. credit and debit cards), online banking or cheques, you must report it to your bank as soon as possible. Your bank will then be responsible for investigating the issue and they will report any case of criminal activity to the police. The police will then record your case and decide whether to carry out follow-up investigations.
• If you think you’re a victim of another kind of identity fraud, you must report the matter to the relevant organisation. Depending on their advice, you should then alert your local police force.
• You should report all lost or stolen documents – such as passports, driving licences, plastic cards, cheque books – to the relevant organisation.
• If you’re not sure which organisation to call, contact Action Fraud for advice.
• Contact the Royal Mail Customer Enquiry line on 08457 740 740 if you suspect your mail is being stolen or that a mail redirection has been fraudulently set up on your address. The Royal Mail has an investigation unit that will be able to help you.
• Get a copy of your credit report. A credit report will show you any searches done by a lender, what date the search took place, what name and address it was done against and also for what type of application. It will also show what credit accounts are set up in your name. You can contact any one of these credit reference agencies and receive support in resolving credit report problems caused by identity fraud.

• Callcredit    0870 060 1414       Email: vof@callcreditgroup.com

• Equifax     0800 121 4752       Web: www.equifax.co.uk/ask

• Experian         Web: www.creditexpert.co.uk

• ClearScore    Web: www.clearscore.com

• Noddle.        Web: www.noddle.co.uk
• Look at your credit report closely. If you find entries from organisations you don’t normally deal with, contact them immediately. Remember to keep a record of all your actions, including the people you’ve spoken to and when, and keep copies of all letters you send and receive.
• The credit reference agencies will contact lenders on your behalf where fraudulent applications have been made or fraudulent credit accounts opened in order to restore your credit history to its former state.

If fraud has been committed, report it to Action Fraud

(Article reproduced from Northamptonshire Police)

Christmas in Woodford

The Christmas Season is starting in WOODFORD on SATURDAY, DECEMBER 3rd

Come and enjoy the following events with your family and friends

Woodford Christmas Fayre at Manor House Farm Courtyard from 2 – 5.00p.m.

(St Mary’s Christmas Market in the Woodford Community and Sports Club from 2 – 4p.m. NOW CANCELLED)

There will be plenty of stalls with a variety of goods offering an opportunity to come and find those early Christmas presents. There will be local produce to both buy and enjoy. Come and enjoy hot food from the barbecue or a hot drink and mince pie.

Christmas music is being played by the Thrapston Town Band in the Manor House farm courtyard.

Woodford Fayre Grand Christmas Draw drawn at the end of the event :

1st prize - £150 ‘Barrel of Drinks

2nd prize -£50 Hamper

3rd prize – Family tickets to Woburn Safari Park and many more fantastic prizes

We look forward to seeing you and to sharing the festivities with you.

If you would like a stall or wish to help on the day please contact :

Sara – cdix509@btinternet.com

Jenny -734731 or Beryl 731998

Christmas light switch on will be on Sunday 4th December between 4.45pm and 5.15pm

Latest Information re Boundary Changes

21 October

Further to the article below a revised draft proposal has now been put forward by Tom Pursglove's team. Their final submission is that all the East Northants area currently in the Corby Constituency remains in the constituency: i.e. neither Irthlingborough or Woodford are moved but a number of properties between Kettering and Corby (in outlying areas of Corby Borough) are transferred to the Kettering Constituency to address the overall number of electors issue

The team further proposes that the Constituency is formally known as Corby and East Northants.

This view is contrary to the proposal by the Boundary Commission so it is still open to question. Your views can still be considered. See below for details of how to submit.

October Parish Council

At the October Parish Council meeting the relining of junctions in the village were discussed. In particular the junction near the village green, close to Daventry Close was considered an improvement. There was disappointment however that a “Keep Clear” marking opposite the Bus Stop near the Green had not been carried out despite assurances that it would be marked.

Following a suggestion in the village plan questionnaire that a seat and trees should be placed at the top of Old Kettering Road near the junction with Mill Road permission has been gained for this to be carried out. The trees will be available for planting in mid November although a delivery date is not yet known. If you’d like to take part in the planting exercise then look out for posters in early November, or for details on www.woodfordpc.co.uk.

The Boundary Commission in an attempt to equalize the population within all Parliamentary Constituencies have suggested that the Corby Constituency is too large, and as a result propose that Irthlingborough (Ward) should be moved to Wellingborough. A counter proposal has proposed that Irthlingborough should stay in the Corby Constituency and instead the Woodford Ward (comprising Woodford, Great and Little Addington) be transferred to the Kettering parliamentary constituency.

Any elector can voice their opinion, and further information, and how to do so can be found at below (next article) or the Boundary Commission website www.bce2018.org.uk. Other proposals may well be forthcoming, and Woodford Parish will be formulating a response at the November Parish Council Meeting

Parliamentary Constituency Changes

Message from County Councillor Sylvia Hughes

The Boundary Commission for England has recently announced its draft proposals for new constituency boundaries to come into effect at the next General Election. There are two objectives: to reduce the number of MP’s by fifty and to equalise constituency boundaries - ensuring that votes are of equal value across the county.

The current proposals which are being consulted upon, propose far-reaching changes to the boundaries of many constituencies, including ours.  In relation to Corby & East Northamptonshire, it is proposed that Irthlingborough is removed from the constituency, but it is important that your villages are aware of the changes and get involved in the debate. 

Following the announcement made on the 13th September our MP Tom Pursglove pledged to take local soundings and make further comment in due course. Tom agrees with the equalisation of boundaries but he would prefer for the constituency not to be altered at all, however as things stand, the current constituency is too large, relative to the new thresholds that are in place.  Tom is urging the Boundary Commission for England to look again at all options and come up with something that displaces as few voters as possible across Northamptonshire and better respects existing boundaries along with geographical, local government and historical synergies and connections.  He is also strongly encouraging them to rename the constituency ‘Corby & East Northamptonshire’.

If you agree with this position, you might wish to write to the Commission by the 5th December 2016 so that your views can be taken into account as part of the ongoing consultation process.  You can do so by going to www.bce2018.org.uk or write via the details below:

Boundary Commission for England

35 Great Smith Street


Police Press release - Vehicle Crime

Advice to motorists after more than 1,000 vehicles reported stolen in a year. More than 1,000 vehicles in Northamptonshire have been reported stolen within the last year, prompting a reminder to the public about how they can take steps to protect their belongings.
The joint Prevention and Community Protection Department (Northamptonshire Police and Northamptonshire Fire & Rescue Service) would like to warn people that their vehicles and contents can be vulnerable to theft, but would like to reinforce the message that basic security measures can help keep property safe.
From July 1, 2015 - June 30th, 2016, there were 1175 vehicles reported stolen in Northamptonshire; an average of 98 per month.
During this time, there were also 3464 thefts from motor vehicles reported to Northamptonshire Police.
Crime Prevention Officer Brenda Hart said: “Many vehicles seem so secure these days that I think a lot of people forget they can be vulnerable to theft.
“Too many people leave possessions on car or van seats, keep expensive items such as sat navs in glove compartments and leave bags or other valuables on display; perhaps not thinking that thieves only have to take a quick look inside and their belongings can suddenly become a target.
“We would like to remind people just how important it is to make sure their vehicles are secure and not to allow their belongings to become a temptation for thieves.”
Tips for protecting your vehicle and its contents

  • Don’t leave anything on display in your vehicle. Even an old coat on the back seat can be a temptation for a thief to steal first - and then think about value later.
  • -When you leave your car, take your belongings with you. If you can’t and have no other option, then lock them in your boot.
  • In particular, avoid leaving the following items in your car: mobile phones; laptops; credit and debit cards; cheque books; cash; vehicle registration documents and private mail (especially with your address on it).
  • Security devices are a good deterrent for thieves, such as electronic immobilisers (which prevent cars from starting) and mechanical immobilisers such as steering wheel locks.
  • When you leave your vehicle, always remove the ignition key and lock all doors. It only takes a few seconds for a thief to jump into your vehicle and drive away. This should be remembered at all times – even when paying for petrol or popping into a shop.
  • Lock all doors and close all windows and the sunroof every time you leave your vehicle unattended, however briefly.
  • Business drivers should also be on the alert for irregularities in loading procedures and report this if seen.
  • Where possible, business drivers should use pre-planned secure overnight parking facilities and these should be decided before the journey is started.

August Parish Council Meeting

At the August Parish Council meeting Councillors learned that the defibrillator had been received and would be fitted very soon. Along with the defibrillator the Council also received training materials so if your village group / club and would like a training session covering CPR then please contact me so that we can start making plans. A number of planning applications were discussed including work at the Old Rectory, 4 Thrapston Road, 6 Rectory Lane and Barns at Manor House Farm – no objections were raised to any of these proposals.

Following exploratory work led by Mr Stevens the Council is pursuing funding for an improved access route to the Greenway (Old Railway line between Stanwick Lakes and Thrapston) using a route via Grange Farm in Addington Road. The route to the Greenway via the Woodford Lock had been the initial preferred direction, but due to “walked route” not following the (impassable) legal route, costly and time consuming footpath diversions would be required.

Crime figures for July totalled five comprising one no domestic burglary, two thefts from motor vehicles and two violent incidents.

Mr Guy Banham of High Street was elected to the vacant position from four persons seeking co-option.

Finally if you run a business in Woodford and would like to be included in the online business directory please contact the Clerk to the Council.


July Parish Council Meeting

At the July Parish Council Meeting councillors received a progress report on remedial works to prevent flooding in Windmill Close. The ditch to the west of Windmill Close had recently been cleaned out and a large quantity of garden waste and bags of dog excrement had been removed along its length together with decaying vegetation which had grown in the vicinity. This is the first stage of work in the area carried out at the request of East Northants Council.

Planning Applications for new windows and interior alterations at the Old Rectory and also conversion of an outbuilding to the rear of Blacksmith Cottage were discussed. There were no objections to the work at the Old Rectory, and, no objection to the work at the Blacksmiths Cottage so long as the conversion remained ancillary to the main dwelling.

It was also reported that the long awaited repainting of white lines around the village was to take place shortly and a centreline along the length of Addington Road was to be introduced.

An election has not been requested since a vacancy occurred in June of this year, consequently the Parish  Council can now co-opt a new member to the Council. Any Elector interested in being considered for co-option should contact the Clerk by email, phone or letter prior to 5pm on 10th August.

The visit of the fair to Woodford is now believed to be the only occurrence of a fair setting up on a village green in Northamptonshire and one of only half a dozen village green venues in the country.

May Parish Council

The Annual Parish Council Meeting was preceded by the Annual Parish Meeting. Reports were received from the Parish Council which highlighted some of the achievements of the past 12 months. Reports from the village charities detailed that Christmas gifts to village “widows and pensioners” totalled £1450, and that donations to the were also made towards the cost of the Village Sign and the renovation of the War Memorial. County and District Councillors also gave reports of their activities over the past twelve months. Transcripts of these reports are available on www.woodfordpc.co.uk.

The Annual Parish Council Meeting followed, at which Mr Peter Bird was re-elected as Chairman, and Mr Ivor Vaughan re-elected as Vice Chairman. Matters discussed included the licensing of a nano brewery in the village, maintenance of the village greens and access to the Greenway (railway line at Woodford lock). The Rural Wellbeing Service was also discussed, which has been visiting the village on a monthly basis. This is an information “caravan” with helpful staff, who can point you to the right service for assistance on such subjects as health or well being,  financial worries, high energy costs, transport problems, access to a support group etc. If you have any of these worries, especially if you are over fifty years of age, pop in and have a chat, and they will point you in the right direction.

Parking on the pavements was also discussed, and it was agreed that such occurrences be referred to the Police. The Parish Council frequently receives complaints about pavement parking and the poor state of pavements in the village. Whilst this is an understandable problem in narrow streets of the Newtown area of Woodford there are frequent occurrences of vehicles being parked on the pavements of wider streets, especially Rose Terrace, High Street, and Mill Road and as a result  causing obstructions for pedestrians. These roads are of an adequate width which allows two vehicles to pass with ease so please park on the road adjacent to the kerb.

April Parish Council

At the April Parish Council, it was reported that the equipment to house the defibrillator had now been received, but the actual unit was still awaited. Once received, steps will be taken to install it in the phone box on the village green.

A discussion took place regarding an improved footpath between Church Street and the Lock. Estimates put the cost in the region of £60,000, but one of the major issues the project would need to address was that the current path does not follow the legally defined route. As a result a footpath diversion would be required and could delay the project by at least eighteen months.

A representative from the cricket club was in attendance and he gave a report on how the club had developed over the past few years and what plans they had for the future. The Council wholeheartedly supported the Club’s efforts to become registered, join local leagues and create a home ground in Woodford on the sportsfield.

The new street lamp in Constable Walk has now been installed and is due to be connected to the supply on 25th May.

Litter Pick

There were 13 volunteers for the second Woodford Litter pick and the weather was very kind with sunshine and a light breeze. 15 bags of litter from around the village, the Shrubberies and the playing field were collected. A free hot drink and half price meal was provided at the Pickwick Tea Rooms. Thanks to all involved.

March Parish Council

At the March Parish Council meeting information from the Police was discussed regarding chalk marks appearing on houses. A number had been reported in Raunds, but also some had been seen in Woodford. These marks were thought to be signs to would be burglars, and often appeared after a visit from a door to door salesman to the house. If you become aware of any such markings please report them to 101 and try and rub out the mark.

The Council had also heard from the organisers of the Motocross events in Thrapston Road. At the moment four events are provisionally planned for this year on 3rd April, 1st and 29th May and 16th October. These dates are subject to change due to weather and track conditions. Latest information will be detailed on www.woodfordpc.co.uk. The organisers have asked that if any resident observes the track being used on other dates, especially by unauthorised users please report to the Police on 101. (Authorised persons will always transport their bikes by trailer or van to the track so other vehicles will be present).

The thousands of starlings currently roosting in Mill Road were discussed. Reports suggest these birds usually start to leave their winter quarters in early March. The birds and their habitat are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 (as amended).

The village gateway in Addington Rd has been erected and it is hoped a further gateway will be installed in the next financial year at one of the other entrances to the village.

A request for a parking lay-by in Mill Road was discussed but it was agreed that this did not fall within the remit of the council and would be passed on to the Highways Dept at the County Council.

The general parking issues around the village including parking at junctions, parking the wrong way round at night, parking on pavements were also discussed and it was agreed to refer the matter to the Police.

February Parish Council

The Parish Council meeting in February was one of the shortest in recent years. Councillors were delighted to hear that Western Power had now agreed to install and connect a power supply to a replacement street lamp in Constable Walk thereby reducing the cost of the installation (to the Council) by 90%, and furthermore Cllr Dudley Hughes (ENC) had agreed to assist with the purchase of this lamp with a donation from his “Empowerment Fund”. This was acknowledged with grateful thanks.

A discussion took place regarding the provision of an all weather surfaced footpath from the Woodford Shrubbery to the Greenway at Woodford Lock further to a meeting with Drayton Estate.

A number of reports re dog fouling in West Street and Highfield have been received, and the matter has been referred to the Dog Warden

A reminder that the Parish Council / Village Plan Group is organising a litter pick on 9th April, and Pickwick Tearooms have offered free refreshments to participants. If you are interested in Participating please contact the Clerk, Mr P Bird on 734329 or Parish Councillor, Mr D Stevens on 07545 114642.

January 2016 Parish Council

Business was brief at the January Parish Council meeting. A discussion took place regarding the soon to be installed defibrillator with a member of the East Midlands Ambulance trust.

Councillors received confirmation form that the fair will be visiting the village again this year from 10th July as part of the feast week celebrations.

A litter pick is planned around the village on 9th April. If you would like to take part please contact the Clerk – Paul Bird on 01832 734329 or Parish Councillor David Stevens on 07545114642.

There were no planning matters to discuss this month.

The crime report from the Police listed five crimes which had occurred in December; three violent offences, one theft of a vehicle and one of theft / handling.

Data from the Speed Indicator Device was also discussed. The most recent data has revealed that traffic coming into the village on Thrapston Road is not only of greater volume than other routes into the village, but also travels faster, with 65% breaking the speed limit. This data has been passed to the Community Police Team who have indicated that tackling speeding in local villages is their priority for the next couple of months.

December Parish Council

At the December Parish Council Councillors learned that an application for a public defibrillator had been successful. Delivery will be in the New Year and the unit will be located in the former telephone box on the green. More information will follow in the next edition of Saints Alive. Councillors also agreed to continue to take responsibility for the cutting of the verges within the 30 mph zones. This will ensure that there will be eight cuts per year as opposed to the three cuts provided by the County Council.

The faulty lamp in Constable Walk is still a matter of concern with regard to the rerouted power supply and various options are being explored. A quick result is unlikely due to the insufficient funds and the cost involved.

The budget for the next financial year was agreed, and an increase of £1000 equivalent to approximately 6.5% of the Council Tax charged by the Parish Council. For a band D property this will be an annual increase of approximately £2 or 4 pence per week. This increase will be spent on power for street lighting which increased by almost £800 earlier this year; an increase which the council has had to meet from reserves as an alternative to switching lamps off.

Lastly crime figures in November comprised one act of criminal damage and one violent offence. This takes the total for the year since April to 30 incidents compared to 38 incidents for the same period in 2014

November Parish Council

At the October Parish Council Meeting councillors decided to apply for a free defibrillator, for use within the village, if successful, it will be located in the telephone box on the village green and should the application be a success. Moreinformation will follow.

Discussion took place about the planned refrigeration warehouse, near the Finedon Roundhouse. Whilst outside of the parish the proposed development is of great concern due to the increase in traffic which will result in passing the Woodford / A510 junction known as General’s Corner. This, together with the nearby turn to Great Addington is a dangerous section of road and will only deteriorate. Aside from this the environmental and visual impact were also of concern.

The speed identification device has now moved to Thrapston Road to gather data. During the four months it was located in Mill Road it did not appear to deter motorists from speeding at the end of the period any more than at the beginning. The average speed of traffic was well over the 30mph limit with a number of vehicles travelling at over 60mph. Further details of the data collected can be found at www.woodfordpc.co.uk or by contacting the Clerk. 01832 734329.

Following the very noisy Motocross event in October the Council has opened a dialogue between the land owner and the operator of these events, and we hope to publish advance details of events in this newsletter so that residents are aware when they are likely to happen. The lease of the track restricts the use of the area to ten events per year between 1st March and 31st October, and the track should not be used for any other purposes, or by any other parties. If local residents are aware of unauthorised use occurring please contact the Clerk to the council (clerk@woodfordpc.co.uk / 01832 734329) and I will be pleased to contact the landlord, tenant, and police on your behalf.

The refurbishment of the memorial is now complete, and it is hoped that in the near future a deterrent to stop it being abused, by children and adults alike will be introduced. The work was carried out by stonemasons, Underwood and Weston and the cost of £3,800 was met by a grant from the War Memorial Trust and from village funds.

Former Resident's World War One Diary

Long standing residents of the village will no doubt remember the late Rector - Rev L E P De Casabianca (Rector of Woodford and Twywell 1957 -1980), but possibly less well recalled are Mrs De Casabianca's mother and step father who lived their twilight years in the bungalow at the west end of Church Street. Hubert Brown had fought in the First World War from the start of hostilities until 1916 when he was injured at the Somme. His war diaries have now been published online. The diaries are somewhat vague in the early days but once mobilised become more descriptive.

Mr Hubert Brown and his wife Florence, were laid to rest in Woodford Churchyard in 1962.