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The Saints Alive magazine issued by the Benefice includes more village news and can be viewed on the Benefice website.

Woodford Remembers

Over the past four years a number of obituaries have been published on this site commemorating the fallen of the first world war from Woodford. Not all are listed on the memorials, some were born in Woodford but lived elsewhere, others moved to the village as children or young men. It is estimated that over 200 men from the village were either in the forces as regulars or joined the king’s army after 1914. Even at the time the armistice was signed one further family would be bereaved. More...

October Parish Council 2018

It was reported at the October Parish Council Meeting that two seat bases had been installed near the War Memorial in preparation for two Memorial benches, which will be installed shortly. The benches have been jointly purchased by the Parish Council and the Jubilee Committee, and grateful thanks are expressed to NR Groundworks who installed the concrete free of charge.

Following complaints received from residents enquiries continue to be made regarding the actions which can be taken against the owners of cars which park on the grassed areas of the village green without permission.

Discussions included the addition of more bollards on High Street between Constable Walk and Sunnyside to safeguard pedestrians from vehicles which mount the path, sometimes at speed. Unfortunately due to the underground services beneath the pavement and the requirement that new bollards are installed at least 500mm (18 inches) back from the kerb this is unlikely to be progressed. Additionally, the cost would fall to the Parish Council, due to lack of funds at County level.

The Parish Council agreed to adopt and be responsible for the grit bin on the footpath between Alledge Drive and Thrapston Road. This bin was originally earmarked for removal by the County Council.

Councillors heard that the accounts for year ending March 2018 have been approved by the auditors, without qualification.

Flytipping 1 October 2018

A large quantity of builders debris was dumped on Old Kettering Road between 7.00 and 11.00am on 1 October. If you know of anyone who has recently had a major garden renovations then you may be able to help with identifying the flytippers. Please let East Northants Council know.

September Parish Council Meeting 2018

At the September Parish Council meeting Councillors learned the final gate on the footpath between Woodford and Woodford Mill had now been installed, and the path regraded to make the sloping path a little easier to navigate. The actual gradient was limited by underground services. The whole cost of this project was met by grants. Improved signage is also to be installed reminding those using the path that it is a footpath, and not a cyclepath.

Letters of complaint had been received regarding the numbers of vehicles which now park on the village green especially at weekends. It was agreed that further attempts to solve the problem ranging from more signs to bylaws and wheel clamping would be explored. The village greens are not public land as such, being privately owned and rented by the Parish Council. The use of the Greens is permitted at the discretion of the Council.

Rumours of new Dog Kenneling in Addington Road were mentioned, but not discussed as there are no firm proposals at the present time. Councillors asked the Clerk to thank the resident who had tidied a piece of land in Pound Lane, and also to write to residents at two addresses where boundary hedges were considerably overgrown hampering the use of footpaths.


August Parish Council Meeting 2018

Amongst matters discussed at the August meeting was whether the salt bin in the footpath between Thrapston Road and Alledge Drive proposed for removal by the County Council should be retained by the Parish Council. All Councillors supported the retention.

The lack of a dog waste bin in Newtown was raised by a member of the public. The chairman explained the reason there is no bin in this location is that the allotments are private land, as is Pleasant Row and Constable Walk. The road is far too narrow to accommodate a bin. The bin should also be adjacent to a highway for emptying the bin. The nearest bins are at the end of Rose Terrace and The Leys, both within 200 metres of the Newtown Allotments.

There were no objections to a rear extension proposed for 28 Mill Road

Improved signage was discussed and agreed in principle for the improved footpath to the Greenway past Glebe Farm. As a public footpath it is frequently used illegally by cyclists who not only put pedestrians at risk also put themselves at risk due to the frequent movement of farm vehicles.

Provision of memorial seating adjacent to the War Memorial to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the first world war was also discussed and approved.

July Parish Council Meeting 2018

At the July Parish Council meeting correspondence from the police revealed the Woodford ward (including Great and Little Addington) had the third lowest crime rate of all the electoral wards within the East Northants District. Additionally the council was informed that the local team at Thrapston were involved in “Operation Viper” which is aimed at targeting organised crime throughout Northamptonshire. The scope of the operation is wide and it is believed that by reducing organised crime e.g. drug related issues will also reduce other crimes such as shed break-ins etc.

A complaint was received about anti social ball games occurring on the open space in Paddock Road was discussed. The police have been advised of the incidents. If you have children who play in this area please ask them to respect neighbouring properties / vehicles close by.

The poor Fair was also discussed and enquiries are taking place to find out why only half of the anticipated attractions arrived this year.

The Police / Environment Agency have expressed concerns that with the school holidays and warm weather the River Nene will once again become an attraction for swimmers, and have asked that if you see anyone one swimming or playing in the water near the locks that he incident is reported to 101 or the Environment Agency phone number which is displayed at each lock. The water is still relatively cold at 15C and jumping in on a hot day could cause temporary seizures, irrespective of the hidden dangers beneath the surface of the water.

The Council will be writing to Centrebus and the County Council regarding the revised bus time table. The route has not been subsidised for some time but the recent changes, the council believes, will make the service even less viable in the future.

A request for reconsideration of the proposed removal of two grit bins and the downgrading of Mill Road, to be gritted in time of prolonged bad weather will also be queried with NCC. The route from Irthlingborough, via The Addingtons and Woodford to Thrapston will continue to be gritted.

Lastly, speeding in the village continues to be a problem. The Speed Identification Device is being actively used to remind drivers to slow down, but many choose to ignore the warnings. Traffic calming had been planned by the County Council for Mill Road, and Thrapston Road a couple of years ago, but due to budget constraints these are now on hold.

Former Resident's World War One Diary

Long standing residents of the village will no doubt remember the late Rector - Rev L E P De Casabianca (Rector of Woodford and Twywell 1957 -1980), but possibly less well recalled are Mrs De Casabianca's mother and step father who lived their twilight years in the bungalow at the west end of Church Street. Hubert Brown had fought in the First World War from the start of hostilities until 1916 when he was injured at the Somme. His war diaries have now been published online. The diaries are somewhat vague in the early days but once mobilised become more descriptive.

Mr Hubert Brown and his wife Florence, were laid to rest in Woodford Churchyard in 1962.