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Please report any faulty street lamps to lightsout@woodfordpc.co.uk. Woodford Parish Council owns all of the lamps in the village and repairs can only take place if we know about the fault and authorise the repair. Once the Parish Clerk is aware of the fault the contractor will normally repair the lamp in about a week. All you need to report is the lamp number (if known), or the location/address. Please don't assume someone else has reported the fault. We'd rather have two reports than none.

Faulty lamps awaiting repair as at 13 March are located at the War Memorial and 23 Rose Terrace

Weather in February 2018

Following the mild temperatures of January, the average minimum temperatures recorded for February were the coldest of the century with a value of -0.5C. The day time temperatures were about average at 6.8C . The overall average for the month made February the third coldest February (3.1C) of the century, with 2010 (coldest) and 2013 being colder.

The minimum temperature was minus 6.2C recorded on the morning of 28th February and the warmest 10.8C on the 19th February.

The maximum temperature recorded on 28th was -1.1C, (lowest February daytime temperature recorded during this century) and was also the the first sub zero maximum since 16th January 2013.

Rainfall totalled 23mm (average is 39mm) taking the total to 76mm for the year to date, and precipitation fell on just nine days

More information can be found on the weather page

Latest Parish Council News

Woodford Parish Council agreed to increase the Council Tax by £500, which for a Band D property equates to an increase of approximately 90pence per year. The main reason for this increase is that the Council is now responsible for the street lighting in Paddock Road and Windmill Close.

A grant has been obtained to improve the final kissing gate on the footpath between Woodford and Woodford Mill. This work, together with improvements to part of the path will be carried out once the weather improves.

A member of the public raised the issue of a previous request to support improved parking at the west end of Mill Road. The Council responded that when previously raised with the County Council it was considered low priority and there was also a lack of funding, however, it was agreed to raise the matter once again.

Flooding in Windmill Close was raised once again and a report from East Northants was received detailing the history of the problem and the steps being taken to mitigate the problem

Think Before You Park Scheme

Vehicles parked in Woodford that are either causing obstructions to pedestrians or other motorists, or those parked on double yellow lines are to be monitored by Woodford Parish Council and reported to Northamptonshire Police, in a joint scheme now being implemented in a number of villages. In particular the offences causing concern are highlighted in the Highway Code.

Any such vehicles will be photographed and details will be forwarded to the Police. The motorists attention will be drawn to the fact by a yellow/orange coloured card placed on the windscreen. The Council is limited evidence gathering only.

The Police will decide how the matter is to be followed up: e.g. a warning letter, perhaps a visit from Police for repeat offenders etc.

If you need to contact the local Police regarding this scheme the email address is

Bus Service to Rushden Lakes

Diamond Coaches operate a service to Rushden Lakes each Wednesday, picking up in Woodford at 10.38am from the High Street / Village Green Bus Stop. The return journey leaves the shopping complex at 1.30pm. More details.

Further details regarding bus services through Woodford can be found on the "When in Woodford?" page.

Woodford Remembers...

The What's On Diary includes dates commemorating the centenary of the deaths of those named on the Village War Memorials. On the actual anniversary date a biographical note will also be posted. More details