Woodford Northamptonshire


Woodford is a large village on the banks of the River Nene in Northamptonshire, in the East Northamptonshire District about 2 miles west of Thrapston and 7 miles east of Kettering between junctions 11 and 12 of the A14.

The early settlement was mainly a farming community with an increasing number of men working in the shoe trade from home in the early to mid 19th century. During the latter part of that century the population increased dramatically with the mining of ironstone nearby and also smelting at the ironworks just over the parish border in Islip; a trade which continued until the 1950s. (see History page).

The village once boasted seven licensed premises, over twenty shops and two schools. As with most villages these figures have reduced dramatically but there is still a sports and social club, one pub (The Duke's Arms), a Post Office / general store, fish and chip shop (presently closed), Hairdressers, Baptist Chapel, Parish Church and primary school (see organisations page). The population remains at just over 1400 (see census data).