Woodford Northamptonshire

Village Greens

The Village Greens at the southern end of the High Street have in the past been known as Broad Green or in some Census Returns - Upper Green. The land is owned by Drayton Estate and rented by the Parish Council. The area is a designated open space in the village.

Village Green and High Street

This village green is the site of the Annual Fair in July and is the site of the Village telephone box and War Memorial.

The other Green is between Rectory Lane and Church Green. This has been known in the past as Back Green, Church Green (although this is the name of the road to the north east of the area) and on some Census Returns - Lower Green. this area once again is rented by the Parish Council from Drayton Estate. The Parish Council is responsible for the maintenance of these areas.

For recreational use the main greens are not suitable due to the close proximity to the main through route through the village. Back Green is much more suitable.

Anyone can make use of these areas, but should in the contact the Parish Council in the first instance for terms and conditions