Woodford Northamptonshire

Street Lighting

All Street Lights in the Parish are the property of Woodford Parish Council and the Council is responsible for the maintenance and power costs incurred by the lamps. This is by far the largest item of expenditure incurred each year.

As the white mercury lamps reach the end of their life they have previously replaced by the orange sodium coloured lamps. These were more eco friendly - being rated at only 35 watts. However, latterly, compact fluorescent lamps offered better value for money and these were used when new lamps were installed in Alledge Drive.

Since 2017, with the reduction in pricing of LED lamps, this newer technology has become the preferred option.

Please report any faulty street lamps to lightsout@woodfordpc.co.uk. Woodford Parish Council owns all of the lamps in the village and repairs can only take place if we know about the fault and authorise the repair. Once the Parish Clerk is aware of the fault the contractor will normally repair the lamp in about a week. All you need to report is the lamp number (if known), or the location/address.

Please don't assume someone else has reported the fault.
It's better to have two reports than none.