Woodford Northamptonshire

Transparency Code

The Transparency Code was introduced in 2015 and applies to Parish Councils witha turnover of less than £25,000.

Parish Councils are required to publish the following information in order to comply with the Code.

  1. Draft minutes of formal meetings no later than 1 month after the meeting.
  2. Full agendas for formal meetings not later than 3 clear days before the meeting.
  3. Details of every item of spending of £100 or more showing the date, purpose, amount
  4. End of year accounts as per the Annual Return
  5. End of year Bank Reconciliation
  6. The Annual Governance Statement as per the Annual Return
  7. Internal audit report
  8. External audit report
  9. Names of Councillors, their responsibilities and which committees and outside bodies they are appointed to by the Parish Council
  10. Asset register

Other information can be found on the Freedom of Information page or the Parish Council page